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children enjoying time at Aprendiendo Unidos

Aprendiendo Unidos: Non Profit Organization Helping Kids in the Community


…if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams.”      -David Vitter, U.S. Senator

Aprendiendo Unidos is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula by promoting their wellbeing throughout the community. The goal is to build a community with equal opportunities through providing educational and recreational activities to the less-privileged or at-risk children. There are currently 112 students participating in the programs between the ages of 6 and 14.

Mission Statement:

“We are passionate about providing the children of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula with improved opportunities to access education and to individual development in a nurturing and healthy environment. We will seek to bring consistency and security into their educational experience, personal growth, and sense of community.” 

children in the Aprendiendo Unidos program

Aprendiendo Unidos attempts to achieve this mission by encouraging all children in the community to attend school by providing the necessary resources. They develop and implement new learning tools that help the children become successful in the classroom and as individuals. Furthermore, they emphasize good health and nutrition habits through informational and practical workshops

There are five main programs that Aprendiendo Unidos offers their students: 

children outside of school-Health and Nutrition

-School Packages

-English Lessons

-Sports and Recreation

-Educational Workshops


Aprendiendo Unidos uses Health and Nutrition programs by offering students healthy snacks daily. Although students get lunch through the school, this may be their only full meal during the day. So, by providing snacks in the morning, it helps give these kids the energy they need to focus on their studies. Additionally, children that may be underweight or malnourished or come from families with limited resources receive a full, healthy meal.

Through the School Package Program, students receive supplies that may help them succeed in school. These vary by the needs of students but some items may include notebooks, clothes, shoes, backpacks, pencils, and many other things.

English lessons are provided weekly for all different levels. Educational and fun activities help the children learn and engage through different methods of learning. It is essential to this community that heavily relies on tourism for kids to learn English to better their opportunities.

Sports and Recreational activities help students exercise not only their bodies but also their minds. These actives are created to challenge the kids and allow them to work together through problem solving all while having fun through sports and games.

Lastly, Educational Workshops attempt to promote healthy and sustainable living. Some workshops that are provided include permaculture and sustainability, arts, music, nutrition, and occasionally theatre.

children help cleaning the beaches of Santa Teresa


Here’s How to Help!

-Make a donation through PayPal 

Donate items on the Wish List: art supplies, yoga mats, big water filters, children’s books, laptops/tablets, didactic games, transportation 4×4, etc.

Volunteering as an English teacher, art instructor, sports coach, or work side-by-side with the teachers (contact Aprendiendo Unidos for more information)

-Become a Sponsor to one of the 112 children in the program to help with a brighter future!




Contact Information:

Phone: (506) 2640-1129


one child in the program


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