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BeeKeeping in Santa Teresa!

If you love bees and you love honey you must meet the Santa Teresa BeeKeeping Group!

We all know that bees are incredibly important to our planet, and that sadly their populations are on the decline all across the world.  (For more on this topic, see this great documentary – Queen of the Sun – What are the Bees Telling Us.)

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Which is why it is exciting that we have within the Santa Teresa community some passionate and talented BeeKeepers who are keen to share their knowledge.  One of these passionate bee lovers is Ashley Macleod, who has just launched the Santa Teresa BeeKeeping Group.

Ashley’s goal is to work with local beekeepers here in Santa Teresa in order to collaborate, share knowledge and to provide encouragement and assistance to anyone who is interested in keeping bees on their own properties.  The focus is on working together to support healthy and sustainable beekeeping practices in the area.

Ashley also provides swarm removals and hive relocations without the use of damaging pesticides – so get in contact with her if you are worried about a swarm on your property.

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Ashley coms from British Columbia, where she worked as part of the management team for Hives for Humanity.  During her time with H4H, Ashley gained extensive experience with hundreds of hives in a variety of settings.  Her role also included teaching, running workshops, therapeutic beekeeping/apitherapy, honey extraction, wax extraction, planting for pollinators, pollination, nest removals, markets, strategizing, research… and more!

She was clearly very busy, but as Ashley says – “The bees generate so much pure energy – if you connect to it, you can do a lot!”

I asked Ashley some questions about her work – here is what she had to say…


Why did you decide to set up ST beekeeping?

For me, beekeeping and caring for bees is a way of life. My engagement with honeybees and the current challenges they face on an international level never stops, no matter where I am living, including here is Santa Teresa. Thus, I started up the ST beekeeping group to continue to engage with people that are interested in contributing to the health of bees and other pollinators in their community.   Educating individuals and communities is an important part of my work as there is still a lot of fear about bees that prevents people from developing a deeper understanding. The ST Bee Group is just one way to start a dialogue and begin to connect people to nature and each other through discussions, participation and beautiful things like honey, flowers, food and working together for a good cause. The health of bees effects us all.


Where are the hives you are currently working with?

I have been working with/making assessments on 15 hives on an organic farm near Manzanillo and I have also spent some time with a local beekeeper here in ST. I have made some solid connections with other beekeepers in the area and there is a lot of excitement about sharing knowledge and supporting each other in achieving our common goal – to save the bees and to teach others about the magical wonder of these beautiful ancient creatures.

What are your plans for the Santa Teresa beekeeping group?

My plans for the ST beekeeping group are both extravagant and very simple. In a way, it depends on the commitment of the group. I am a big dreamer, but I also believe that dreams can and do come true, do two dreams equal a reality??? LOL…so the plans are to provide opportunities for locals to learn about bees, beekeeping, pollination, therapeutic aspects of the hive, food systems and all of beekeeping culture. I hope to facilitate opportunities for people to develop applicable skills and knowledge about bees and beekeeping on any and every level. It is for educational purposes, to enable individuals and groups to become beekeepers themselves. I aim to be a mentor and supporter for those that are interested. In a big way, the point of the group is to share in the joy and all of the beauty of the natural world. Saving the bees will take many hands!!

If you see a swarm or need a nest removal or are interested in becoming a beekeeper/learning what you can do to help please get in touch!



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