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Fiber Optic Arrives in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!

Over the last few months there has been a small army of ICE operatives, working hard up in the canopy, rolling out the new Fiber Optic telecommunications system for our area.  And it is a big, ongoing job!

In May the first connections were provided to residents of Malpais, and now the service is being extended to Santa Teresa, San Isidro, Hermosa and Santiago.

We just received our connection yesterday, and can confirm that the internet service is, as advertised, very fast!

This is a welcome new service in an area where up to now, the internet connection has been somewhat limited and unreliable.

The roll-out is being performed in stages – first, those who already have a home telephone line with the ICE will be connected, followed by other residents that are keen to sign up for one of the new Kölbi plans.

Kölbi are offering fiber optic internet with band widths of up to 100 mbps, as well as telephone and digital television services.  They are also providing an introductory discount of 35% off the cost for the first year of the contract.  See below for some pricing and plan options!

Ours is not the first part of the country to receive the benefits of Fiber Optic services.  Since 2016 Kölbi has been providing Fiber Optic connections to residents in Cartago, Tres Ríos, Curridabat, San Pedro, San Ramón de Tres Ríos, Santa Ana, Escazú y Alajuela.  We are, however, the first beach town to receive this fast and high-quality service.

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4 Responses to “Fiber Optic Arrives in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica!”

  • Glad to hear this is really happening. I have heard rumors that ICE will also be doing something similar for Cobano> Montezuma. Do you know if this is true? Is there a contact person at ICE who would know this?

    • Hi Dave,

      I have not heard that they will be coming to Cobano and Montezuma. I do know that they are doing Santiago and San Isidro, as well as Hermosa, Santa Teresa and Malpais. I will try to find out for you what the plans are for Cobano and Montezuma.


        • Hi Dave,

          I did actually talk to the ICE guys who have been installing the fiber optic. They told me that for the moment there is no plan to do Montezuma or Cobano. After they finish ST, Malpais, Hermosa, Santiago and San Isidro, they will then do a viability study on which zone to do next. But at the moment it seems that the next zone is not necessarily Montezuma. They are really looking for areas where they think there will be a large number of people that will sign up.



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