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Natural Building in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Natural Building Project Gets Underway in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

An exciting new Natural Building project is underway in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and it is the first of its kind in our area.  The project, aptly named Mi Casa en El Bosque, is located at the southern end of Malpais, neighboring the Cabo Blanco Reserve.

The project envisages ten, high-end, environmentally sustainable homes made of bamboo and clay.  The houses are to be nestled in the forest (but only 250 meters from the beach).  The total project area is 5 hectares, 2 hectares of which is to be kept as a protected reserve area with nature walking trails.

Bamboo Ceiling Natural Building Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Bamboo Ceiling

An elegant and spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom model house has been completed – photos of which are provided throughout this post.  Please note that the landscaping and finishing touches have not yet been completed… so the house will look even more beautiful soon!

Natural Building Materials:

As far as possible, all building materials used in the project are to be either from sustainable sources or salvaged.  The main structural materials are bamboo and clay.  Wood used for floors and doors is either cultivated Teka and Melina or wood salvaged from trees that have naturally fallen.

Clay Walls: 

The walls of these houses are constructed using bamboo and a mix of clay, rice husks, a small percentage of concrete (10%) and water.  The

Bamboo and Clay Natural Building in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Model House – the deck of the jacuzzi and the internal garden are still to be completed.

walls can either be finished with naturally colored clay, lime or a water-based paint.  The advantage of clay walls is that they are not only strong and provide great insulation, they are also breathable – allowing air-borne moisture to travel freely through, preventing moisture getting trapped inside the wall system.  And of course the materials used are toxin free, maintaining the air quality of the home.

Bamboo Structure: 

Bamboo, strong and beautiful, grows very quickly and provides a great renewable material for building.  The bamboo in this project is cultivated in Costa Rica and is used for structural beams and as an element of the walls, as well as for flooring and decorative purposes.

The bamboo is treated at the moment of cutting with a mixture of Boric Acid and Copper Sulfate, which is injected into the bamboo at high pressure.  This process actually displaces the sap, replacing it with the liquid which is insect repellent and ensuring the durability of the bamboo.

Bamboo and Clay Natural Building Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Bamboo and Clay Kitchen

After construction, the bamboo is maintained by applying a special oil once per year – similar to the ongoing maintenance of wood used in construction.

Why Use Natural Materials for Building?:

Building with natural materials provides a healthier living environment, maintains indoor air quality and generally lessens the environmental impact of building.  The materials are sustainably produced and are all locally sourced in Costa Rica.  The end result is a home that is both beautiful and healthy!

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