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The Aqueduct is Finally Coming!

The wait is over!

The work on the much anticipated aqueduct has begun in Playa Carmen. After 3-4 years of collaborating, communicating, and cooperation among many different organizations, the project is underway. Proyectos Turbina S.A. received the public bid from AyA in December 2015. The Aqueduct is designed to bring water from the two wells in Bajos de Ario all the way to Mal Pais. It will run along the beach side, not up the hill, and cover areas such as Santa Teresa, Bello Horizonte, Hermosa, Manzanillo, Carmen, and the lower parts of Santiago. The large storage tank will be located Cerro Villalta. However, due to water pressure issues, the aqueduct will only reach an altitude of 60 meters in height.

AyA aqueduct under construction in Santa Teresa

Throughout town, the contractor will be laying down pipes for the aqueduct. It is important for the citizens to be patient and understanding. If the project continues as planned, AyA predicts it will be complete by the end of 2017. At that time, residents may apply for a prevista” (or water connection). Once the aqueduct is complete, AyA will start inspections for water connection. It’ll cost about 27,000 Colones for each “prevista”. It is estimated that the aqueduct will last 30-50 years. However, the length depends on how people use the water. It is important to conserve water when possible and use water wisely. The Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers plan on providing workshops in hopes to raise community awareness and educate people on water conservation techniques.

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For more information stop by the AyA office at the crossroads or visit the AyA Website.




AyA aqueduct under construction in Santa Teresa


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